Patchwork Taupe overdyed Bleu
Patchwork Safran overdyed Safran
Patchwork Pommergrade overdyed Pommergrade 'n Pepper
Patchwork Multicolor overdyed Mulicolor
Patchwork Purple overdyed Purple Rose
Patchwork Noir overdyed Espresso Black
Patchwork Green overdyed Green
Patchwork Plum overdyed Plum
Patchwork Jade overdyed Jade
Patchwork Dark Blue overdyed Dark Blue
Patchwork Grey overdyed Grey/Warm Grey
Patchwork Autuum Colors overdyed Autuum/Mokka
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Vintage Patchwork Turquis
Vintage Patchwork Oriental Red
Vintage Patchwork Curry



Original Vintage

Originating in the villages and anatolian regions these Patchworks are handmade from fragments of original old oriental rugs. Bleached in the sun, undergone several ablutions, precisely crafted and overdyed in charming used-look colors these historic carpet works are wonderful and unique designer works. If you are searching for something exceptional for your floor, you will find a stylish, modern arrangement with deep and traditional roots in oriental culture.


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