Our handwoven Moldovian Rose-Kilims
are lovingly restored and unique.They are approximately already half a century old.

Here you will find our latest collection with more than 100 carpets




Rosen-Kelim Rose Motifes
Rosen-Kelim Dark Background
Rosen-Kelim Geometric Ornaments
Rosen-Kelim Wild Flower Field
Rosen-Kelim Dimonds
Rosen-Kelim Ethnic Type
Rosen-Kelim Dazzle Design
Rosen-Kelim Dark Red
Rosen-Kelim Autuum Color
Rosen-Kelim True Red
Rosen-Kelim Flower Bunches
Rosen-Kelim Romantic Country Home

Old moldavian

The region from which the Moldova Kilims originate consists of wide fields and valleys. The landscape is one of sugar beet, sunflowers, a variety of wine and folklore. The designs from this area are mostly woven on a dark background and decorated with floral motives. The moldavian Rose-Kilims evoke the spirit of the country-home atmosphere.


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